Established in 2002, Keystone Law is an award-winning, Top 100 firm with over 400 Partners and a central office in the heart of London. For the past 5 years we have been one of the fastest-growing law firms in country. 

We are also a firm like no other, a supportive environment that helps our lawyers deliver an unparalleled level of service and client care whilst enjoying lives that are emotionally and financially fulfilling. 

Keystone is about law. And life. And living. We are about technology and open spaces, far from the madding crowd. We are about belonging whilst being independent. We are about commitment as well as flexibility. 

Keystone is about many things, but a sense of passion lies at the core of them all.  Our lawyers are passionate about their valued clients, working with them to achieve genuine results to their complete satisfaction. The central team is passionate about our lawyers, supporting them in every way imaginable, so they can get the job done. For us passion equals happiness which may be why Keystone was recently named happiest law firm in the country.