When Keystone was founded in 2002, it was designed as a firm to have impact. By embracing remote working from the start, it eradicated the need for large offices and daily commuting. As a result, the firm has always had a very low carbon footprint in comparison to many businesses.

Despite already being a very low carbon business, the firm wanted to go further. As part of our journey to become more sustainable we enlisted an external third party to calculate not only our annual emissions but all the emissions since the business was founded in 2002 by using the guidance and methodology outlined by the GHG protocol, recognised as the global standard framework for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions.

It was identified that Keystone Law Ltd had generated over 2000 tonnes of carbon which the firm offset through the launch of the Keystone Species and Keystone Heroes initiatives that support and invest in projects internationally and domestically to achieve a carbon neutral status. The firm continues to annually monitor emissions and continues to offset and invest in projects to remain certified carbon neutral and have have a positive impact on the environment. 

Find out more about Keystone's carbon neutral journey and the Keystone Species and Keystone Heroes initiatives here.