Keystone’s culture is as important to our success today as it’s ever been. It’s something that runs to the core of the firm, and we work consciously and proactively to maintain it in everything we do.

Our culture is driven by passion, both from our lawyers and the Central Office support team. Lawyers join us because they love helping clients achieve positive outcomes and they wish to focus on doing so, without the many distractions found in conventional law firms. Our Central Office team is equally passionate about helping our lawyers to achieve the best results for their clients, by providing award-winning support.

Collaboration is also fundamental to our culture. Our lawyers know their colleagues well – in fact, far better than at their previous firms. They work together in teams, alongside colleagues with complementary expertise, and regularly cross-refer client work to one another; every year, over 30% of the firm’s revenue comes from work referred internally. 

Our lawyers don’t just share their knowledge and ideas: they form groups, play sports and socialise together. Our culture is about fun, flexibility and balance. No matter how hard you work, life can still be enjoyable when you get to live it on your own terms.

Above all, our culture encompasses fairness and equality. Every lawyer at the firm works on the same remuneration structure and without hierarchy, which means freedom from office politics. This freedom empowers our lawyers to work on their terms and focus on the thing they do best – providing a dedicated client service to achieve superior results.

Our collegiate culture defines Keystone and sets us apart from the rest of the legal sector. It’s in our DNA, and it’s why we are often described as the UK’s happiest law firm.