Real Estate Solicitor

Number of lawyers in team: 55

Q&A with real estate lawyer Robert Kilgour, who joined in 2017 from Charles Russell Speechlys

Why did you join Keystone?

I was recommended to join Keystone but I was particularly taken by a Legal Week report which ranked Keystone as a key adviser alongside more traditional law firms.

What did your clients think of the move?

My clients had not heard of Keystone but when I explained to them the consultancy model and how it worked, they were very keen because they were aware that it gave me complete autonomy over controlling fees and the work that I did.

How do you meet other Keystone lawyers?

Keystone does facilitate introductions to other lawyers, and there are regular meetings, lunches and training sessions. These are cherry-picked by the business development team so that you can meet other lawyers that can help expand your practice. Reassuringly for me, I’ve met a lot of lawyers at Keystone who have a similar background to me working at City firms, who are looking for something alternative.

What opportunities has working at Keystone provided?

Working at Keystone has given me back plenty of opportunity, principally my autonomy. The autonomy to work with the people that I want to work with, to structure fees how I’d like to structure them, and to work in the lifestyle that I choose.

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