Litigation Barrister

Number of lawyers in team: 115

Legal directory rankings: 21

Q&A with litigation barrister Iain Roxborough, who joined in 2018 from Clifford Chance

What made Keystone stand out for you over other law firms?

Keystone was my preference because it seemed to be doing this for longer, it was bigger, and it had a relaxed atmosphere. It has a lot of the infrastructure that you’re looking for — the lawyer centre, the central office with admin, accounts and marketing. All the support that you need. And it’s in Chancery Lane, in law land, so what’s not to like?

What kind of support do you get for your litigation practice?

Keystone’s given a lot of support to help our service to the client. It started on day one when I arrived and I was immediately introduced to another consultant solicitor who had been here about ten years. He knew all the ropes and all the systems and administration, and immediately introduced me to them.

How has your team evolved since you joined the firm?

We evolved into a team of five quite naturally. There is me, Patrick (who is another consultant solicitor here), a third (who is a consultant solicitor and barrister) and two paralegals. It’s quite a team to deal with a case that’s ongoing and quite busy.

How has Keystone helped with the organisation of cases and files?

In Central Office there is great IT support. We can put documents onto NetDocs so that they are held in soft copy and can be accessed. That’s all part of organising a major case, that you want to be able to access documents quickly. Keystone has a lot of the infrastructure to provide the support you are looking for.

How has joining Keystone affected your life and job as a solicitor?

I’ve definitely got happier since joining Keystone. My job satisfaction and happiness has improved as it’s quite a free and easy atmosphere here.

What would you say you have achieved since joining?

I am more my own boss, but I’ve got support and back-up. That’s what makes it more comfortable, and it is low-hassle and low-cost, so a good combination.

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