Team Moves

Lawyers working closely together within conventional law firms are welcome to join Keystone, as a team. The firm’s business model is equally well suited to accommodate teams as it is individual lawyers.

Teams are able to arrange their affairs and determine how they will work with one another, as they wish. The team sets up a single service company which contracts with Keystone but each member has access to the same support and infrastructure as all Keystone lawyers. They have the freedom and autonomy to look after their clients and to build and develop their practice as they see fit. This can be done without interference from management, and with all the benefits of being seamlessly integrated into the wider firm, working with colleagues in other practice areas and the ability to offer clients a full-service law firm.

Keystone is happy to welcome teams of any size and is there to help them grow by assisting with the recruitment of suitable candidates as and when an extra pair of hands is needed.

Try our team move calculator to see how bringing your team to Keystone can reward you.

Should you be looking to make a move as part of a team, please contact us.