We believe experienced lawyers deserve to be remunerated for their expertise and their client network, and so we designed Keystone’s remuneration structure to be simple, fair and transparent:

  •        15% goes to the lawyer who introduces the client to the firm
  •        60% goes to the lawyer who does the work
  •        75% goes to a lawyer who introduces the client and does the work

Keystone operates a ‘flat’ structure in which all lawyers are subject to the same remuneration arrangements and support, no matter what their billings. The 15% client origination fee is fixed, leading to a lack of politics and a sense of fairness and equality across the firm. This engenders the spirit of collegiality and collaboration, which we believe makes Keystone unique among law firms today.

Keystone retains 25% from which it provides the award-winning support and infrastructure described here.

Keystone lawyers are self-employed and contract with the firm via a service company. This means they are responsible for their own tax matters and structuring, which allows for significant tax efficiencies.