As an experienced lawyer, you deserve to be financially and emotionally remunerated for your expertise and hard-earned client network. Every lawyer at Keystone is rewarded the same, regardless of gender, experience, terms of service, or fee generation. You will always be rewarded with between 60% and 75% of fees depending on the origination of the client. Additional financial recognition is given to those who refer work to Keystone colleagues.

The Keystone model is all about fairness and equality. It is also about getting back what you invest. And above all it's about working as a team, but on your own terms. Keystone is for solicitors who yearn for freedom and autonomy but who fundamentally need the infrastructure, support and camaraderie of a conventional law firm. It's for lawyers who know how to stand on their own two feet but realise the strength that lies in numbers.

If you have a genuine and realistic expectation of a client following, even if that following may take a while to develop, this could be the perfect choice for you. Lawyers who 'own' clients receive an even higher percentage of fees on work undertaken for those clients and a generous percentage of the fees of colleagues who help service those clients – an arrangement that continues for the 'life' of the client.

And crucially, Keystone gives 'client owners' complete control of their valuable assets, much more so than in any conventional law firm.