At Keystone we understand that the creation of a diverse and inclusive culture forms a fundamental part of our corporate responsibility. It’s also something we really value.

Our mission is to nurture a working environment that includes those from all walks of life and respects the individual, benefitting our staff, clients and the wider community. By encouraging the sharing of ideas and methods for best practice, we want to make Keystone a firm that everyone wants to be a part of. The journey’s far from over. But we’ve come a long way and it won’t take you long to see that everyone at Keystone is free to be themselves and what’s more, they’re valued for it.

We place a distinct focus on innovation, thought leadership, client collaboration and a partnership-free structure. We ensure that we continuously analyse the marketplace and carry out regular research, in order to modernise and adapt both our internal and external strategies.

One issue that we are particularly keen to tackle head-on is gender disparity. We are proud to say that the firm’s male:female ratio currently sits at 60:40, more than 50% higher than in the Top 10 UK firms. And because every lawyer comes on board as a consultant and is free to determine how they charge clients, we hope to be an agent for change across the profession when it comes to equality.