Junior Support

Lawyers at the firm can have access to junior support, from paralegals to junior lawyers as much or as little as they need. Whether it is to temporarily support an important case or just a helping hand for when you have a busy workload, our junior support is here to help you.

The Central Office team of Keystone-employed paralegals and junior lawyers are ready, willing and able to help and we can engage additional paralegals and junior lawyers if needed, at our lawyers’ request. All our juniors have previous experience either as a paralegal or practising as a lawyer at a Top 100 law firm.

Some lawyers decide to hire permanent support staff for their practice in the form of a PA, or their own paralegal or junior lawyer. In these circumstances, the individuals will be employed through your personal services company.

We also have several lawyers who have successfully joined the firm and brought their teams with them. When a team decides to join Keystone, we fully support them with the process of onboarding and are on hand to answer any questions.

To find how your team’s earnings could change at Keystone, try our Team Move Calculator.

If you are a junior lawyer or paralegal looking for more information on joining the firm, please click here.