The firm

How has your listing affected the way you work?

Not at all. Keystone has a very strong sense of its own identity and direction. When the firm listed, it was that message that investors bought into. One of the key drivers of listing was to give the firm greater credibility in the eyes of lawyers interested in our model and no less importantly, the eyes of their clients whom they sought to bring with them.

Where do you see the firm in the future?

It’s very difficult to say where we’ll be in the immediate future, particularly in a post-COVID world and the change in business culture it will undoubtedly provoke. Our growth so far has been a consequence of an increased interest amongst the legal profession to work in a different way, free from the confines of a traditional law-firm environment. We foresee greater interest in our business model as it becomes more widely understood. We’re not aiming for any particular size; we are an ambitious firm but we’re not looking to grow for growth’s sake. We have always been incredibly discerning about who we invite to join us, and that is reflected in the calibre of Keystone lawyers you see on our website.

How do you manage growth?

We are acutely aware of the challenges of growth and understand very well that managing that growth will be key to our future success. Whilst Keystone is already quite a big firm, it retains a sense of intimacy born out of the culture of collegiality and collaboration that we have developed which is so vital in understanding how Keystone works.

We recruit top-quality lawyers who want to work with others, share clients and contacts, and to develop new business opportunities together. That recruitment strategy will never change and will ensure that we grow Keystone in a sustainable way in the long term.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We believe Keystone remains a fair distance ahead of firms which have sought to replicate our business model. While the basic ‘dispersed firm’ proposition is relatively easy to emulate, there are no shortcuts when building a strong brand and reputation in the market. Our listing on AIM gives clients confidence that Keystone is a substantial, financially transparent, fiscally sound, well-governed business. The firm’s reputation helps lawyers to transition existing clients to Keystone when they first join us, and to develop new business going forward, with the support of our award-winning Marketing team.

Keystone offers lawyers two things:

  • A platform from which to operate, providing all the business support services found in a traditional law firm; and
  • The opportunity to benefit from internal cross-referral work originating from the clients and contacts of more than 350 entrepreneurial and engaging colleagues.

If you have any questions regarding your circumstances, which are not covered in the above, please contact us on 020 3319 3700 or click here to fill out our contact form.