Junior Lawyer Support

What sort of junior lawyer support is there?

We have a team of paralegals, trainees and lawyers from NQ to 3PQE. These individuals are ready, willing and able to help with a range of tasks, including bundling, document review, research tasks and court filings. The team operates on a ‘cab rank’ basis but we always ensure there is plenty of capacity.

How do the economics work where I refer work to a junior lawyer?

The junior lawyer’s time is billed to the client and you retain 15% of the fees generated.

Can I employ my own junior?

There are three ways in which you can secure junior support:

  • We can bring in agency paralegals and junior lawyers at your request.
  • You may find that enlisting the support of other lawyers within the firm for ad hoc or ongoing matters is sufficient.
  • You may choose to engage external lawyers on a temporary basis through your personal services company for the duration of a specific transaction or case.

There may come a point where you have a permanent need for an administrative assistant or a junior lawyer to support your practice, and you can do this by employing them through your personal services company.

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