How do lawyers get to know one another?

Every new joiner has an induction, during which they meet our Head of Community and Engagement, Fiona Severs. She asks lawyers about their practice, their clients and how they like to work, to identify who they should meet and to help them curate a team of like-minded colleagues with natural synergies. We also provide many opportunities for lawyers to come together and get to know each other by organising around 50 events a year, some business-focussed, many purely social. These are entirely optional events, which lawyers can choose to attend or not, according to their schedule.

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Do lawyers work together to win new business?

Yes, absolutely! Lawyers regularly team up to work together on larger projects, or to pitch for new business. For instance, a corporate project may require input from tax, employment, and property lawyers. In these situations, the project is managed by the corporate lawyer, just as it would be at a conventional law firm.

How do referrals work?

If your client has need of advice outside your practice area, you can refer it to another Keystone lawyer of your choosing and earn 15% of the fees billed for that work. The lawyer who does the work will earn 60% of the fees. If you’re not sure who is best placed to take on the referral work, our Central Office team is happy to advise.

How do you prevent lawyers competing with one another?

We have a fixed referral fee of 15% to avoid situations where lawyers bid against one another for work. Everything at Keystone is designed to help lawyers collaborate and it is that culture of co-operation that has avoided any competition issues.

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