Administrative Support

What secretarial support is there?

Our Administration team can arrange for printing, copying and scanning of documents. We have voice transcription software, and our lawyers also have access to high-quality, round-the-clock secretarial and typing services through our outsourced arrangement with Document Direct. Document Direct is mainly used for digital dictation where voice transcription software is not best placed to assist.

Find out more about the operational support we provide here

How does the post/DX work?

Our Administration team scans and emails post to you that day. All routine post is then forwarded to you in hard copy unless you say otherwise. If it is too large to scan, the cover is usually scanned and the item is forwarded to you in hard copy.

Our Central Office has its own DX address, and the DX delivers to the Central Office every weekday morning.

If you have any questions regarding your circumstances, which are not covered in the above, please contact us on 020 3319 3700 or click here to fill out our contact form.